HooterVille 9 Ball Tournament

                          at.....The Boat Bar


       Wednesday Night Winners......

The below players have now been "Laminated" 
If you have to ask what that means, then you should practice your game and find out.

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December 18th Winners: Fast Eddie Mike 2nd, Matt the Kid, Pro Pat 3rd

December 11th Winners: Fast Eddie Mike 1st, Dr. Bob 2nd, Pro Pat 3rd

December 4th Winners:  Ryan 2nd,  Lou 1st,  Curt 3rd

November 20th Winners:  Jeff 2nd,  Lou 1st,  Fast Eddie Mike 3rd

November 13th Winners:  Dr. Bob 2nd,  Lou 1st,  Deadly Steadly 3rd 

November 6th Winners:  Kit 2nd,  Chuck1st,  Jeff  "The Dude" 3rd 

October 30th Winners:  

Fast Eddie Mike 2nd,  EZ Mike1st,  Kurt with a K 3rd 

October 23rd Winners:  

JB 2nd,  Kurt with a K 1st,  Kit 3rd 

   - Congrats to Kit for 1st time Lamination! 

October 16th Winners:  

Lou 2nd,  Dr. Bob 1st,  Jeff 3rd

October 9th Winners:  

Mikee 2nd,  Sweet Lou 1st,  Charlie 3rd

October 2nd Winners:  

Mikee 2nd,  Kurt with a K 1st,  Charlie 3rd

Sept 25th Winners:  

Curt with a C 2nd,  Mike Kelly 1st,   Rob 3rd

Sept 18th Winners:  

Curt with a C 2nd, Big Rick 1st, Sweet Lou 3rd

Sept 11th Winners:  

Big Rick 2nd, Bob 1st, Gene 3rd

Sept 3rd Winners:  

John Boy 2nd, (Special Guest: Ange Tenaglia) Pro Pat 1st, Chuckles 3rd

August 28th Winners:  

               Chuckles 2nd,  Gotham City 1st,   EZ Mike 3rd

August 21st Winners:  

               Pro Pat  2nd,  Rob "Mr. Mow It All" 1st,  Anthony Christie 3rd

August 14th Winners:  

                               Mike  2nd,  Curt 1st, Zack Attack 3rd

August 7th Winners:  

            Herb "The Hammer"  2nd, Mikeee 1st, Charlie "Chuckles" 3rd

July 31st Winners:  Curt 2nd, Pro Pat 1st, Lou 3rd

July 24th Winners:  Loooou 2nd, Pro Pat 1st, Chuckles 3rd

July 17th Winners:  Pat 2nd, JB 1st, Lou 3rd

July 10th Winners:  Angie 3rd, Pat 1st, RJ 2nd

July 3rd Winners:  Joe 3rd, Lou 1st, (2nd not pictured)

June 26th Winners:  Lou 2nd, JB 1st,  RJ 3rd

June 19th Winners:  JB 2nd, Lou 1st, Mikeee "The Laminator" 3rd

June 12th Winners:  Lou 2nd, Bob 1st, Mikeee 3rd

June 5th Winners:  Loyal "Old 47" 2nd, Mikey Foley 1st, RJ 3rd

May 29th Winners:  Herb "The Hammer" 2nd, JB 1st,  Bob 3rd

May 22nd Winners:  Loyal "Old 47" 2nd, Mike "Axle Foley" 1st,  Herb "The Hammer" 3rd

May 15th Winners:  RJ 2nd, Dave 1st,  Angie 3rd

May 8th Winners:  Fast Eddie 3rd, Jeremy "The Kid" 1st,  Matt 2nd

May 1st Winners:  Bob 3rd, RJ 1st,  Dj Rolling Rock 2nd

April 24th Winners:  Charlie 2nd, Preacher 1st,  Bob 3rd

April 17th Winners:  Fast Eddie 2nd, Tim 1st,  Mike 3rd

April 10th Winners:  Bob 2nd, Charlie1st,  Bobby 3rd

April 3rd Winners:  Fast Eddie 2nd, Ron1st,  Justin 3rd

March 27th Winners:  Aaron "ShoeShyne" 2nd, Charlie 1st,  RJ 3rd


March 20th Winners:  Charlie 2nd, Mike 1st,  Matt 3rd

March 13th Winners: Fast Eddie 2nd, Steve 1st,  Ron 3rd

March 6th Winners: Angie 2nd, JB 1st, Robin 3rd

February 27th Winners: Tim 2nd, JB 1st, RJ 3rd

February 20th Winners: RJ 2nd, Ryan 1st, Terry 3rd

February 13th Winners: John 2nd, Mike 1st, Ron 3rd

February 6th Winners:  Kurt 2nd, Ryan 1st, Gene 3rd

January 30th Winners: Marty 2nd, Mike 1st Place & (9 on the Break again), Tim 3rd

January 23rd Winners: Rick 2nd, Ron 1st Place & (9 on the Break), Mike 3rd

    January 16th Winners: Tim 2nd Place, Rick1st Place, Tim 3rd

January 9th Winners: Terry 2nd Place, Joe 1st Place, Mike 3rd