HooterVille 9 Ball News......

updated: 4.7.17

Congratulations to "Zach Attach" for winning the Record 9Ball on the Break pot$!!! 

updated: 1.4.16

"Attention, Attention..I have an announcement to make!!!"

 - Deadly Steadly

The Championship of the WORLD playoffs are this Wednesday, January 6, 2016 at the Boat @ 7:30PM!!! The Top 25 Battle it out for the Trophies. Click on this link and find your rank.

Next Wednesday, January 13, 2016 is the the 3rd Annual Trophy Award Ceremony Banquet. Bring your friends and family too!

updated: 3.31.15

Congratulations Robin L. Mansfield 

for winning 1st place in Florida!! We

 are looking forward to beating you

 on your home turf on your return

 to Michigan on April 8th!


updated: 2.13.15

A record turn out! 

38 players, a Birthday cake, 

hidden cameras and over $350 in 

top 5 payouts!! Thats a HooterVille 


See you all next week! 

updated: 2.5.15

Wow! Great turn out last night!

The weather couldn't stop the fun. 

In fact, we are pleased to announce 

a new points and awards structure! 

This year is going to be bigger than 

ever. We are now pulling in some 

serious 9-Baller competition from 

other towns who happened to find 

us on the internet. Thanks to all the 

"Internet Guys" 

We are charging up our HD

cameras and getting ready to do

some more filming. See you all next 

week - Dj Rolling Rock

updated: 1.7.15

Join us tonight at our 2nd 

annual Awards Banquet! Starts at 

6:00 at The Boat. Free food and 

prizes. HD cameras are charged up 

and ready to go!

updated: 10.24.14

Don't forget to wear your 

Halloween costume next week!

October 29th @7:30 

You know where....

$100 Cash 1st Place Prize


A special Performance by:

DJ Fox and the Sexxy Fox Girls...

Live Onstage!

updated: 9.4.14



If you have not yet signed a release form, please see Ryan and be a star!

Also, Check out the latest artwork by ShoeShyne.....


updated: 6.27.14

Lots of friendly competition here at Hooterville! Congrats to James AKA "Jimmy the glove" for showing some glove love and taking 1st place! 

Check out the latest artwork by ShoeShyne.....


updated: 5.15.14

The brand spankin' new Top 10 trophies made their debut last night. At this point, the Top 10 is anyones game!! Keep on bringing it!!

Updated: 5.4.14

Happy 90th Birthday Herb! 

Updated: 4.17.14

We tied a record last night! 30 great players, but only the top 5 put points on the board towards the championship! We welcome some new movement on the points board thanks to new comers with sharp skills....See you next week!

1st Place - Mark D

2nd Place - Charley

3rd Place - Ron "Deadly Steadly"

4th Place - Tim M

5th Place - Pro Pat

ShoeShyne's rendition of himself....Ha!


Updated: 4.10.14

Great night! Sweet Lou took 1st place. It was great to get the cameras out and film some more. Stay tuned for more videos and clips!

Updated: 4.3.14

"About last night".....in case you missed it. 

Kurt with a "K" once again takes 1st place for the second week in row. He now leads the Tournament by 1 point however, the Top 4 players point spread is only 3 points, or 1 win away! Expect a weekly battle royal between Kurt, The Pro Pat, Sweet Lou and The Dr.  


HooterVille 9 Ball has some fresh new video gear to test out. The Hooter Film crew will be there next week!!!

A special thanks to Aaron, who has been working hard to draw all 9 HooterVille 9 Ball characters. Only 5 more to go!!!

Another Gem by ShoeShyne, keep those drawings coming! 


Updated: 3.27.14

Big turnout last night!  Our top 5 players are as follows:

1st    Kurt                                                                               2nd   Ken                                                                                 3rd    Pro Pat                                                                         4th    Charley                                                                           5th    JB

Check out this new comedy clip. A special thanks to Hot Josh for making this video possible. 


ShoeShyne, keep those drawings coming! 

His latest work, "Scary" Larry

Updated: 3.20.14

What a Great Night!  The "Leprechaun Flu" may have kept some of the Top Contenders away this week, but that's just all the more reason to show up and play the odds. 

Congratulations to Dj Rolling Rock for his1st time Lamination this season! We would also like to thank new comer Mark for bringing the heat to the Top 10. Already he is in 3rd place! 

Updated: 3.13.14

THE SNOW was no excuse to skip Wednesday night pool. Many ventured out and played their hearts out, but only 3 made the HooterWall of Fame (HWOF)Congrats to "Sweet Lou", Kurt and Jerry on their 1,2,3, Lamination. 


We would also like to honor our 2013 Top 10 Players. Be on the look out this plaque soon hanging on the HWOF. 


THIS JUST IN!!! A MasterMind meeting is in the works with our show creators to put together an Agenda for Film Shoots this spring. The tip of the iceberg is just the beginning. We have some great story lines and "Reality" type drama on the storyboard. Stay Tuned!!!


                             "The MasterMinds"    

Updated: 3.6.14

A record turn out so far this season with 30 Players. This year may be off to a Winter Vortex cold start, however, with Bigger trophies, Bigger prizes and Bigger fun, we are gonna heat up!

Updated: 2.6.14

Wow! Episode 1 is done!! Our "Teaser" episode is only just the beginning. Much, much more to come! Don't forget to check out newly uploaded Videos & Clips

Hope to see some of you at the Women's Professional Billiards Association (WPBA) Masters 9-Ball Championship in Mount Pleasant this weekend. For those that can't make the trip, tune into ESPN3 @ 1:00PM on Sunday the 9th and watch it live. Maybe you'll see us on TV. :-)

Updated: 1.30.14

Good times last night at The Boat! It was great to see some new faces and players on board. 

We would like to welcome "RJ" as our new Tournament Director. RJ has been a part of our HooterVille family since the beginning.

                                               Rick "RJ"   

                     Tournament Director - HooterVille 9 Ball 2014

We would also like to wish "Fast Eddie" Mike good luck on his big move to Arizona! 

Orignal Digital Sketch Art by: Aaron "ShoeShyne" Mansfield


Updated: 1.22.14

What a great year. We've only just begun! Thanks to all that made our season end banquet a huge success. Check out the photo slide show below of some of our players.

2014 HooterVille 9 Ball is going to be better than ever. We've made some improvements to the tournament. This season, 4th and 5th place winners receive 1 point each.



We are also planning our 1st ever, HooterVille Road Trip.  See the flier below.

Updated: 12.31.13

The 2013 HooterVille 9 Ball season is in the books. Thank you all who made this possible! 

Congrats to our 1st, 2nd and 3rd champions!

1st - Fast Eddie Mike

2nd - Sweet Lou

3rd - JB 

Come out to The Boat on January 8th 2014 at 6:00 PM for our awards banquet. 

**Trophy awards ceremony

**Free food! 

**Playoffs for 4th place ties

**Interviews and commentary filmed for the show

**Info about 2014 Season 

Updated: 12.16.13

Wow! We are coming close to the end of the 2013 

Tournament. Trophy time is just around the corner. 

Updated: 12.9.13

Check out the clip below from last weeks' tournament. 

Happy Birthday ShoeShyne! 


Updated: 11.14.13

Our show is gaining more and more momentum…..

We would like to thank Don Rush from The Clarkston News (Sherman Publications Inc.) for taking some time to hang out with us HooterVillians and writing a piece for the paper. What a fantastic article Don!


                                                                    Don Rush

                *****Click Here to View Article******


Updated: 10.22.13

Halloween costume Billiards Party at The Boat! 

DJ Rolling Rock and Scary Larry will bring their Scary Rock Productions STAGE SHOW to HooterVille 9 Ball on Devils Night. Don't be afraid to sing some Scaryoke....Be sure to save the date!

Updated: 10.3.13

Good times last night! We are working on custom made Tie-Dyed HooterVille 9 Ball shirts. Each one is..."one of a kind" just like our players!  See you next week- DjRR

Updated: 9.23.13

Good news! We have our Opening Credits segment uploaded on the website and Youtube. We have screened most of our footage, and we're in the process of organizing, editing and forming our story board. Scary Larry, Hot Josh and myself are working on filming some more content. 

Our next focus is filming some "Narrative" and background segments. We will be scheduling some production shoots very soon. We'll keep you posted. Lots of work to do! -DjRR

Scary Larry, Dj Rolling Rock, HotJosh

Updated: 9.10.13

Hope everyone had an awesome Labor Day weekend! Summer is just beginning here at HooterVille 9 Ball! We have some fantastic new 1st, 2nd and 3rd place trophies on display. We also have championship plaques for the top players. Come see them showcased on the wall of fame. Better yet, bring your game and win one for yourself! 

As it stands right now, we have Fast Eddie Mike at 1st with a whopping 32 points. 2nd place is Rj at 18 points. Following close at 3rd place with a mere 1 point lag is JB.

Tomorrow will be interesting and some real movement on the bracket. As on now, our 2nd thru 6th place players are all 1 point away from each other!  

Updated: 8.23.13

What a great night Wednesday! Thank you all for supporting this show by attending and for buying a raffle ticket. Pattie Cakes pulled a winner, and the lucky number is #360060.

The winning ticket is held by Mike Kelly. Here is a text from Mike claiming the prize. 

Congrats Mike! See you next Wednesday to claim your prize and say a few words on stage. 

    -DjRR & Deadly Steadly

Updated: 8.20.13

Ok gang, we got some new production gear, and were back in the editors booth working on the first episode! Details will be announced tomorrow, 8.21.13 on stage at The Boat.

Be sure to bring your raffle ticket stubs. Pattie Cakes will pull the winning ticket on stage tomorrow! Some lucky player will a have killer new stick to test out..... See you tomorrow

                                -Dj Rolling Rock

Updated: 8.4.13

Custom order "Merch" now available. Pocket T's, bumper stickers, Necklaces and much more. New colors available. Contact us for details! 

Updated: 7.23.13

Don't forget to buy a raffle ticket to win a bad ass cue stick! Tickets still available for $10. All proceeds go to production costs for our show. We are getting close to our goal! Take a look at the link below for more details and stats.

Viking Valhalla VAL-044 19oz cue stick. 

Updated: 6.27.13

Good times at The Boat! Congrats to JB, Lou and RJ for bringing their A game and making the wall of fame.        

Updated: 6.20.13

What a great night of fun! Thank you all for making it great. We are working on some unique fund raising ideas for the show. Ask us about them!                                                                                   

Updated: 6.17.13

A special shout out to all those that signed our Release Argreements :) 

We are gearing up for some more footage events. Our cameras are charging! Get ready for A HooterVille summer! See you Wednesday. - DjRR

Go Tigers!!!!!!

Original Digital Art by: Aaron "ShoeShyne"


Updated: 5.27.13

Hope everyone had a fantastic Memorial Day! 

Enjoying the outdoor pool table @ Trybar

Scary Larry & Dj Rolling Rock

Congratulations to Herb "The Hammer" and Loyal "Old 47" for getting laminated for the first time.

HooterVillians warming up at The Domestead.

Scary Larry, DjRollingRock, Deadly Steadly, Herb "The Hammer", Robin, Chuckles

Updated: 5.17.13

First and foremost, we would like thank everyone at The 

Boat for making this Reality Show a reality!  Without all your

support by: The pool players, The Boat Bar staff and 

management, this event would not be possible.

This show is not just about playing pool. If you've been to 

The Boat on a Wednesday night then you already know. Its 

about the people, the comradery, the town, our Michigan way 

of life.

You've seen the cameras rolling.....We have over 100 hours 

of hilarious footage so far. We our currently screening and 

editing tons of great content to create a 20 minute pilot 

episode. If you want to be on the show, let us know and we 

can make that happen! Contact any of us below.



We are now taking orders for T-Shirts and custom "Made In 

Michigan" one of a kind HooterVille 9 Ball necklaces. 

             Contact us for pricing and availability.